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Atlanta Hardwood and Commercial Floor Inspections

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Selva "Lee" Tucker and Will Stoner have  combined over 80 years of flooring experience between them to serve the Greater Atlanta Metro Area. 

They have over 45 years experience inspecting Hardwood Flooring, Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Vinyl Resilient Flooring and Custom Flooring.

Will Stoner is the owner of Inspector's Training Services. He is the instructor of Inspector Training Services.

ITS is considered one of the best inspection schools in the industry. It is known not only for it excellent technical information taught but also the hands on "how to inspect" flooring he teaches.

Mr. Stoner is the leader in the industry originating and teaching this method of education and training.

He has numerous certifications and training from leading industry associations.

He is also an instructor for many flooring manufacturers' claims analysts. 

Lee Tucker is the Founder of the Flooring Educational Guild. The Guild arranges classes taught by scientists from Universities such as North Carolina State University and Va.Tech University. The Guild is non-profit and has been in existence since 2009.  The Guild averages three classes a year.

He also has numerous certifications and education from industry associations and schools.

The Guild is now recognized as leading the industry into a new era of technical and scientific training. Education and Training is vital to the industry. The Guild is not supported or depended upon it existence from manufacturers. Honesty and Truth is the hallmark of the Flooring Educational Guild.

Both Lee Tucker and Will Stoner have Universities Degrees and apply daily their flooring and formal education to help you solve your flooring issues. 

Between them, you receive Formal Education, Flooring Experience and Expertise, Flooring Education and Training.

Atlanta, You deserve the best, that can only be found through this unique collaboration two of the finest Inspectors in the flooring industry.

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